The Tropicana Castle Hotel & Dive Resort will whisk you away on a romantic and exciting adventure, surrounded by Puerto Galera’s beautiful nature. Our resort doesn’t just promise adventure, however, but offers activities and attractions for families. You’ll be able to choose amongsuites, double bedrooms and family rooms. Take a look at our fair prices and generous rooms. Our in-house restaurant will serve you seasonal Asian as well as Western meals, always freshly prepared. Traditional or experimental – come visit us!
The area around the Tropicana Castle Hotel & Dive Resort offers countless attractions and activities like diving, water skiing or jungle trekking. Learn more at the reception desk.


Full of dreams and expectations I left Austria at 21. Between 1979 and 1982 I travelled from Sri Lanka to India, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, before finally reaching the Phillipines.

Tired from my many adventures I settled here, since I had married a Filipino woman in the meantime and the first child was born. 1985 I found the right place to stay in Puerto Galera, where we opened a restaurant together in Sabang. Since tourism was still in its infancy, the timing was perfect for the restaurant to become a success.

Investing a bit of capital, we bought a small hill next to the restaurant. This purchase enabled me to fulfill the dream of my youth over the next 20 years. The caste slowly took shape, and so did 4 more little princes and 2 princesses.

Tourism may have arrived by now, but Puerto Galera has managed to keep its charm. Joy and contentment are in everyone’s hearts and thus I wish every guest a happy stay at Castle Tropicana.

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